The NuMask is the perfect CPR mask for lifeguards!  It is super compact, durable and you can easily create a leak-free seal.

Matt Underhill, Red Cross Lifeguard, Michigan Athletic Club, East Lansing, MI

Absolutely a great product. I find the NuMask easy to use, and the seal is more effective than the [common] mask.

Byron McMichael, NREMT, Morgan City, LA

The grip with the NuMask is incredibly easy and comfortable to maintain, and bagging a patient by myself is no problem.

Ben Harris, EMT, Sun City, CA

The NuMask is the perfect ventilatory device in Wilderness Medicine!

Daniel Del Vecchio, RN, PNCCT, Calgary Search and Rescue Association, Calgary, CA

The whole crew here at Stockton Springs Ambulance thinks that the NuMask is the best thing since sliced bread.

Charles Hare, Director, Stockton Springs Ambulance, Stockton Springs, Maine

The NuMask is very easy-to-use and simple; just how these things should be!

Jari Jokinen, Coordinator, Finnish Red Cross-Kuopio Branch, Kuopio, Finland

The NuMask is a great upgrade from the common facemask!

SSG Kenneth Mlynarek, Combat Medic, USA MEDCOM, Fort Sam Houston, TX

It works great and is much easier to carry than the standard facemask when free space is limited.

Jeffery Metzger, MD, Medical Director, Dallas Police Department, SWAT Physician, Dallas, TX

…inherently easier to learn how to use and be effective at delivering life sustaining alveolar ventilation.

Derek J. Sakata, MD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology, University of Utah

We need to train our new first responders on the value of the mask in the field.

Expeditionary Healthcare Modernization Division, Hurlburt Field, FL

…NuMask was a real gem.

Chris Kelley, Rural EMT, Sullivan Co.

The NuMask is fantastic. There is no better facemask to use in edentulous and bearded patients than the NuMask.

Dr. Rudolf Mononyane, Wits University, Department of Anesthesiology, Johannesburg, SA

The perfect device for any potential difficult airway patient.

Sudha Sahgal, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

It should be a welcome addition to any Wilderness EMT or SWAT medic's kit!

Ben Dowdy B.S., NREMT-P, WALS, Paramedic/Tactical Medic, Instructor, Wilderness Medical Associates/Backcountry Rescue Institute, Richmond, KY

This is something all patrollers should have in their packs.

David H. Johe, M.D., Chairman of National Ski Patrol Medical Advisory Committee

The IntraOral design holds the mask in place and allows me to focus on proper compressions not is the mask in place.

Scott A. Faichnie, Supervising First Aid CPR Instructor, Red Cross, Newmarket, ON, Canada

I recently used the NuMask on a car accident victim and it worked great.

MSG Michael McGouldrick, Combat Medic, USAR, 4225 USAH, Fort Harrison, MT

I find that the NuMask is easy to use and creates a leak-free seal, even in patients with significant maxillofacial trauma.

Simon, Medical Technician, Junior Leader, 1 Field Ambulance, Canadian Forces, AB

We are impressed how easily we are able to ventilate patients with difficult airways. We were glad to add this tool to our difficult airway cart.

Will Kellogg, MD, Anesthesiologist, Gig Harbor, WA

This makes it so much easier to manage ventilation with my small hands.

Amy Hanna, RN, ED Nurse, Santa Clarita, CA

NuMask is an essential piece of emergency equipment and is on all our airway carts, at all hospital anesthetizing locations, and all outpatient centers we serve.

Ted Burdumy, MD, MBA, Medical Director, Department of Anesthesia, Marian Medical Center, Santa Maria, California

Everyone liked the way the NuMask felt and worked. It was definitely easier to get a good seal than it could be with the traditional mask.

SSG Crystal Dunn, Combat Medic, Healthcare NCO, US Army, Red House, WV

The NuMask is the perfect device for ski patrollers—it’s extremely durable, compact and easy to use.

David Line Denali, PhD, MPH, NREMT, National Ski Patrol, Sunrise Park Resort, AZ
Wilderness Medical Associates Instructor

The NuMask is awesome!

Joseph Johnson, NREMT-B, Medical Officer, Houston River Fire Dept., Westlake, LA

I love it…you can ventilate a lot easier with this than the pocket mask.

SSG Billy Barnett, Combat Medic, Training Coordinator & Instructor, Fort Hood, TX

I'm in favor of any device that gives the patient a better chance, inventors of products like this are hero's in my opinion.

Chris Kelley, Rural EMT, Sullivan Co., PA

The NuMask is a fantastic tool...

Dr. Daniel Strub, General Surgery, Interlaken, Switzerland

Much more comfortable than having to constantly adjust a face mask.

Patti Murray, RT, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Torrance, CA

I could not imagine an airway in which NuMask would not be superior to using a traditional mask.

John Kendal, MD, Emergency Physician, Denver, CO

I have used it to effectively ventilate patients who were impossible to ventilate adequately by any other means.

Lee Shockley, MD, FACEP, Emergency Dept. Medical Director, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO

Loved the size and versatility.

AFSOC/SGR Field Review

The NuMask’s great seal makes it easy to ventilate, even as a single-rescuer.

Garrett Moore, Lifeguard, Clinton County Swim Club, Wilmington, OH

The NuMask is a for sure airway device. It works great on difficult airway patients…I am training my classes using the NuMask.

Brenton Albritton, State of LA 68W Training NCO, Combat Medic, US Army, Farmerville, LA

The NuMask makes using a BVM a one person skill, efficiently giving the patient better ventilation and oxygenation.

Brian Tiner, US Army, Fort Stewart EMS, Hinesville, GA

I like using the NuMask in the ER, it works great – especially on elderly and edentulous patients

Richard Hoskins, RT, Plano Presbyterian Hospital, Plano, TX

…far superior for basic airway management than its predecessor the conventional face mask, due to simplicity of use, size, and durability.

SSG Jason Rousseau, US Army, SFG (Airborne) Medic, Fort Campbell, KY

The NuMask made ventilating even our most difficult patients an easy one man job.

Gerard Pineiro, MD, Emergency Physician, Erie, PA

It makes mask ventilation simple for all levels of providers.

Gregory Pousson, MD, Emergency Physician, Los Angeles, CA

We have decided to include the NuMask in every bag-valve-mask kit in our Emergency Department.

Lee Shockley, MD, FACEP, Emergency Dept. Medical Director, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO

The NuMask is more compact than the common facemask, easier to carry and great for patients with facial hair.

Stephen Leavins, WEMT-I, Instructor, Wilderness Medical Associates, Rockport, ME

It was really easy to use, portable and should be added to field units accessories kits.

USAF Special Operations Command Field Review

The first facemask redesign in 100 years.

"Sometimes life and death is more a matter of life and breath. Nothing is more important than ventilating a patient, where just few seconds can make the ultimate difference. Ours is the first true redesign of traditional facemask technology in over 100 years - something my fellow physicians and I felt was way overdue.

The inspiration for our design is surprisingly simple: a snorkel. Our Intraoral facemask design fits in the mouth, much like a snorkel, for an airtight seal every time and in any situation, unaffected by facial hair or other impediments. 

Whether you are a doctor, medic, nurse or just someone who knows CPR and wants to be prepared, NuMask has a solution that we believe will exceed your expectations.”

 - David Isagholian, MD – CoFounder, NuMask